Praise You in this Storm

September 4, 2017

Good Day Everyone!


Tomorrow most of us return back to work. We all are preparing in our different ways for Hurricane Irma. No matter how prepared we are for tomorrow or for a storm, there is always something that may get in our way; something that may frustrate us; something that is going to work hard to slow us down. Lean on our Wonderful God in these times. He is the calming force we all need. We don't know what the future entails, but He does and we need to continue to grow closer to Him and not fret about what we cannot control. 


Psalm 107:29

He calmed the raging storm, and the waves became quiet.


Pray for our neighbors as we prepare for the storm. Pray for our neighbors to the West as they continue to deal with the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. Pray for our family and friends needing His healing hand; His understanding; His strength. Pray for the concerns that weigh heavy on your heart. Praise His glories and many blessings!




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